A bit of wedding humour. A favourite photograph.

Photographing weddings and humour.

Around the wedding day there will be a lot of priceless, not to be forgotten iconic moments that should be photographed,.. and I do them. But there are also other small moments, that convey the soul and character of the wedding and its guests.

The picture I am posting could be considered one of those «smaller iconic moments»…one that reflects the mood of this wedding for example. I don’t have too much to say about the image, but just looking at it you can imagine what might be happening.

I’m not the typical wedding photographer with a lot of cameras and lens hanging over me, I am usually wandering around the wedding with one of my cameras like I might be just one more guest trying to snap the occasional photo.

The photograph was taken at the Yorkshire wedding of Elspeth and Peter. I hope this image makes you smile as much as I smile every time I look at it.

The bride, her mother and the best man. Wedding humour.

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