I would like to state at the outset my aim is that you enjoy your wedding day together with all your family and guests: the place, the meal, the flowers etc, without any intrusion and distraction from the photographer. And later when you come to look back at the photos you can recall the magic of this special occasion and relive again the emotions captured by the camera. If this aim is realised I will be happy and pleased to know it has been a job well done.

To convey the story of your wedding in this way I use the approach of documentary wedding photography. This approach means that my photographs are candid and real.  In my opinion my work can be favourably compared to more traditional wedding photography where the photographer tries to direct to the couple taking posed shots, and often separating the couple from their family and guests and in so doing losing something of the uniqueness and character of the event.

From the perspective of a documentary wedding photographer when the couple are enjoying the event provides the best opportunity for capturing the most enduring images from the many spontaneous moments which occur, capturing moments of excitement, full emotions, humour, and joy. These moments reflect  absolutely the individuality of your wedding. Photographs that will endure over time, never losing their fascination and enchantment.

Observation, composition, light management, contributing to a powerful visual narrative, telling a story that will immerse you once again into the day of the wedding.

As always I prefer that my photographs speak for themselves, follow the links below and you can see some examples.

Javier Sanchez is a Yorkshire and Leeds documentary wedding photographer.


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