I would like to tell you a bit about myself, who I am and what I am passionate about. However my hope is that my photos speak for themselves and you would be able to see the person I am from the photos I have published on my site

I hope you might see that one of my greatest passions is my love of nature. I have an affinity with the natural world and its simplicity and the culture of daily life within it whether close to home or not. I try to reflect this in the personal way that I photograph it.

I also like to tell stories through the art of photography. When I travel I usually spend a few days investigating some of the natural world to compose a travelogue. When I am with friends I try capturing moments of excitement, tranquillity, humour, sadness and joy. I use the same story telling approach as a photographer at a wedding, the only difference being that there is so much more in a short space of time. The examples of my work and personal shots on my blog say more about me than I can do here.


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Weddings, travel, nature and street photography.

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