If you are looking for a wedding photographer you may be thinking to hire a documentary one, sometimes referred to as reportage, or photojournalism.

If this is the case with you.. then you want a photographer who captures the true moments and emotions of your wedding. Then here are four good reasons why you should go for it.

Documentary style wedding photography

1.- Just show yourself like you are… be your natural self.

Don’t be worried that you need to look like a fashion model for the photographer, posing statically in a way that’s not you, or showing unreal feelings under the influence of the photographer.

Most people feels comfortable being themselves, so just show yourself like you are at this important and unique moment of your life and let the documentary photographer capture the essence of you.

2.- No distraction  or intrusive pressures from the photographer. It’s your wedding, enjoy!

It’s not unusual to observe at some weddings the photographers take the couple out the event to take some photographs in random moments just because it’s the best time for the photographer to shoot some formally posed pics.

But a documentary wedding photographer would prefer you remain immersed in the environment of your wedding with your family and friends. It is an important day for you so don’t lose an instant of its magic.

You do not have to be aware of the photographer but the photographer will be waiting to capture and reflect the wonderful story of this special day…your day.

3. Your wedding photos are more dynamic, alive and fresh.

Precisely because you will be dedicated to enjoy every moment your photographs are shore to be  fresh and alive for ever. Unforgettable moments, every emotion, every kiss, every smile, those feelings that flow spontaneously on that special day will never go out of style. When you see you wedding album you will return to your wedding day.

4.- Unrepeatable and unique photos.

Yes, If you are yourself then the photographs will be unique, any wedding taken by a documentary photographer is unrepeatable because your personality and all your relationships with your friends and family are exclusive. You get your unique and unrepeatable wedding photos.

Reportage style wedding photography

Here you have my wedding portfolio or if your prefer you can have a look around my website and see some wedding and decide if I can be your photographer.



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