If the wedding photos are taken in a documentary style then what about the formal group shots? Can I have a photo with my guests? These are questions that I sometimes get asked…

In reply I would like to show you one of my favourite photos from the wedding of Tanya and Chris, it is an informal group shot. The image was taken at the reception at Bagden Hall Hotel, West Yorkshire, when the bride and guests were relaxing after the ceremony enjoying a chat and drinks. You can find five different wedding groups. The first one, where the gaze is directed, the bride is having fun with some of her friends and family and around them there are three more groups and each tells a different story. I could even guess that there is another person, on the left, interacting with the main group. And finally, if you are a good observer, you can hear the music they were listening to!

I doubt that a formal group photo could  convey and describe all these details and recapture the special atmosphere of your wedding. A photograph where after few years have past you can relive that magic day and bring back all the happy memories… this I think is the wonder of the documentary approach.

Enjoy the photo!

Informal wedding group shots by Leeds wedding photographer

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